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Financial Services are provided by each respective business of Abbington Financial Group







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Mutual funds provided through FundEX Investments Inc.

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Abbington Investments in association with FundEX Investments Inc.

You may open a new account or transfer existing accounts to name us as your Representative.

We also offer group investment accounts for business employees or for associations.

Types of Accounts:

Open Accounts (whether individual, joint, corporate, or trust)

RRSP: Registered Retirement Savings Plan (including Spousal)

RRIF: Registered Retirement Income Fund (including Spousal)

LIRA: Locked-In Retirement Account (from a pension transfer)

LIF: Life Income Fund (from a pension transfer)

TFSA: Tax Free Savings Account

Leveraged Accounts (investing using borrowed money – see Leveraging Disclosure)

Individual Pension Plans

RESP: Registered Education Savings Plan (20% Canada Education Savings Grant)

In-Trust for Children (and avoid income attribution to the parents)

Self-Directed (Nominee) accounts are available.





Jeffrey Sindall, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada - Licence # 10530


Variable Rate Mortgages

Home Equity Line of Credit

Unsecured Line of Credit

Abbington Insurance Inc. in association with National Financial Insurance Agency Inc.

We offer insurance products on an individual, joint, corporate or group basis.

Life Insurance:

Whole Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance



Abbington Tax & Estate Services Inc.

Tax Return Preparation:

T1 - Personal Tax Returns (with E-file direct to the Canada Revenue Agency)

- for Individuals, Couples, Families, as well as for Deceased Persons


T3 - Trust Tax Returns

- for Estates of Deceased Persons and for Testamentary and Inter Vivos Trusts





Types of Investments:

Income & Expense Review

Children’s RESP Analysis

Mid-Term Needs Analysis

Mutual Funds (over 70 fund management companies including 5 banks)

Labour Sponsored Funds (we can administer your existing LSF holdings)

Segregated Funds (provided under life insurance licence)

GIC: Guaranteed Investment Certificates

High Interest Savings Accounts


We also have Referral Agreements for additional investments not listed above.


Debt Management Analysis

Other Insurance:

Critical Illness Insurance

Health & Dental

Travel Insurance


Administrative Representation to Canada Revenue Agency (not for legal purposes)


Respond to CRA Audits (both Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment Reviews)


Adjustment Requests (to change your previously filed tax return)


Assistance with some Government Forms: OAS and CPP applications, Change of

Marital Status, Child Benefits, Direct Deposit, Request for Clearance Certificate


Estate Distribution Analysis (to minimize income tax and probate fees).

Future Retirement Income Needs Analysis

Current Retirement Income Analysis

Strategies to Reduce Income Tax

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Secured VISA Card Referral Program

Residential, Rental, Commercial Properties

Term Insurance: Level or Decreasing Coverage

Business Key Person and/or Buy-Sell Agreement Funding

Disability Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance