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At Abbington Investments, the last thing we want to do is sell you an investment, because the first thing we want to do is understand your purpose for investing. You may be investing for your own retirement, for your child’s education, to reduce your income tax, to create a legacy for your family, or for many other reasons. Once we understand your purpose for investing it would be our pleasure to discuss strategies and provide investments to meet your objectives.


Getting to know each other takes some time. Often new clients will attend an initial consultation to get to know us, review their current financial situation, and discuss their long-term objectives before making any investment decisions or signing any documents. Our long lasting relationship must be built on a solid foundation of trust.


Wealth is created over time. Our long-term vision guides our clients through all economic conditions to help them achieve their financial goals.


Our Mission


To help our clients attain wealth and achieve their desired lifestyle while feeling comfortable and confident with their investments at all times.


We do this by:


• Understanding our clients’ needs through a comprehensive financial review

• Nurturing a long-term relationship by always putting our clients’ interests first

• Following strategies to minimize income tax today and in the future

• Recommending quality investments that are appropriate to our clients’ objectives and risk tolerance

• Adhering to the principles of wealth creation

• Educating and Appreciating our clients


Service to Our Clients


We like to see clients at least once, preferably twice per year to update their personal financial review, discuss their investments and any need for change, and make sure they are on track to meet their financial goals. Some months each year are designated as focus months when we focus on a certain financial service for all clients at the same time. The focus may include identity theft prevention, RRSP contributions and beneficiary review, RESP contributions, or providing assistance with income tax.


Minimum Initial Investment Requirement


In order to provide excellent service, the minimum investment requirement per household is $25,000 for mutual fund investments. Click here for our Types of Investment Accounts.


Fees and Compensation


Abbington Investments receives compensation from the mutual fund management company or other financial institution with which your investment is placed. For mutual funds, we provide you the option to invest on a no-load, low-load, or deferred sales charge basis depending on the value of your initial investment. Ideally you will never pay a sales charge which would take away from your long term financial goals. More details are provided before you open an account.


The Association between Abbington Investments and FundEX Investments Inc.


Abbington Investments is a registered trade name used under license with FundEX Investments Inc. FundEX is a registered mutual fund dealer and member firm of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA).


FundEX, under contract, provides two main services to Abbington Investments. One service is the ability to place mutual fund transactions on behalf of clients through FundEX to the mutual fund companies. The second is the regulatory supervision by FundEX (in accordance with the MFDA) of mutual fund related services provided by Abbington Investments as well as all communications to the public (including this website). FundEX provides these services to Abbington Investments so that Abbington Investments may provide mutual fund products and services to clients.


FundEX was founded in 1995 and has grown to service over 500 independent financial advisors nationwide with over $11 billion in assets under administration. For more information about FundEX please visit www.fundex.com.