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Thank you for your interest in becoming a client. You are taking steps towards wealth creation and protection for lifestyle achievement.


Our primary service for you is financial planning. A full financial review will discover opportunities for you to reduce income tax, reduce your cost of borrowing, create wealth for lifestyle achievement, and to protect your family’s wealth from tragedy or from voluntarily paying too much income tax. Here is a Sample Financial Review (pdf). We’ll guide you step by step.


We provide products and services to accomplish your financial plan. You don’t need to go to different places and risk your financial service providers not communicating with each other costing you missed opportunities. At Abbington Financial Group the four pillars of financial services are available to you in one place. The benefit to you is the utilization of financial strategies which complement one another. For example, we consider the tax consequence of each investment decision, we balance your investing for retirement and paying your mortgage with your more immediate financial needs, and we consider how a commitment towards investing will reduce your future need for life insurance, plus more. Each decision maximizes your opportunity for wealth creation and protection towards lifestyle achievement.


Here’s another important feature: you don’t pay any extra for our services compared with anywhere else.


A lot of people initially find this hard to believe. Here’s how it works. We provide investments, mortgages, and insurance products. We are paid commission from the companies with which your business is placed. Commission rates for comparable financial products are very similar so we make it our objective to recommend the most suitable financial product to meet your needs, to minimize your premiums and cost of borrowing, and to maximize your investment returns (keeping in mind your objectives and risk tolerance).


For mutual funds, we are paid an ongoing “service commission” based on the value of your investments. As the value of your investments increases, so does our commission. This is perfect because our financial objectives are aligned with yours. We want you to become wealthy!


If you have any concerns, please remember that we want you to be happy today and for the long-term. There are many competing financial service providers and you have many choices with whom to place your business. So we must be as good or better than anywhere else to gain your trust and loyalty. We want to be your financial advisors for a long time. We want you to be so happy you will share your positive experience with your relatives and friends so they too will discover how we are much Better Than Banking.


When phoning our office for the first time as a prospective client, please let us know if you are requesting an appointment for a specific service or if you would like to start with a financial review. Click on each of the Abbington Businesses at the left side to learn more.


We encourage you to complete the Client Information Form to accelerate our service to you.


Tax returns may be completed during a single appointment at our office. Mortgage applications often take more than one appointment and can be mostly completed online or via email. Your first appointment at our office for investments and insurance services may be a consultation to get to know each other. We will explain our products, services, and client service philosophy. You may inform us of your general financial priorities and financial background. We’ll introduce you to the financial review and then provide you with instructions to help you prepare for this very important process.


When you are ready to proceed we will begin your financial review which will naturally lead to a discussion about your financial needs and specific recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals. Then we implement the recommendations (which means completing application forms while you make a financial commitment to your future).


After all initial recommendations and strategies are implemented and ongoing, we must meet at least once annually to update your financial review in consideration of your changing life events and evolving financial priorities. We then make appropriate adjustments to your existing strategies and/or we provide and implement new recommendations as needed.


Financial planning is a journey. To guide you on this journey the businesses of Abbington Financial Group offer you the opportunity to realize wealth creation and protection for lifestyle achievement.


Please CONTACT US to schedule an appointment. Let’s get started!