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 *    Additional charges will apply for some items such as Business or Professional Income, Rental Income, Employment Expenses, Moving Expenses, Numerous Medical Expenses, Capital Gains Calculations, and the Ontario Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit.

ANNOUNCEMENT TO POTENTIAL NEW CLIENTS:  We are preparing tax returns only for existing clients of at least one Abbington business.  This means we are not offering tax return preparation to new clients as a stand-alone service.  You must be an existing client of any Abbington business before we will prepare your tax return.  Except we will allow the following:


  1.  the new tax client is a spouse or dependent (for income tax purposes) of an existing tax client.

  2.  the new tax client is any immediate family member of an existing client of Abbington Investments.


We will open our tax preparation services to all new clients when another qualified tax preparer joins our office as an employee or an associate.  This position is posted on our Careers page.


Before coming to see us for the first time we request that prospective clients complete our Client Information Form (pdf) to let us know their intentions for financial planning and utilizing our other services.  For investing please also check our minimum investment requirements.


Thank you for your understanding.



We know that you want to minimize income tax and keep more of your money.

We also know that you expect your tax return to be prepared accurately,

that you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your tax return filing obligation,

and that you wish to be treated professionally.


We prepare:      Personal T1 Returns (including sole-proprietorship businesses)

                           T3 Returns for Estates (deceased persons) and Personal Trusts


Compare our Services:



Jeffrey Sindall has been accurately preparing Tax Returns since 1994.

Private Offices

Your tax return is prepared in a private office with you present.

Scheduled Appointments

We respect your time.

Drop-Off /

 Pick Up Later

We offer this service if you like.  Scheduling an appointment allows for much better service.



Our basic return price includes an unlimited number of T4 type slips, RRSP receipts, donations, T3 and T5 slips, plus more.

Great Value

We offer accurate and professional service comparable to accounting firms which charge much more.

2nd Computer Monitor

You may watch us work via a second computer monitor for client viewing.

Commitment to Accuracy

We double check each entry, and you help ensure accuracy via the 2nd computer monitor.

Notice of Tax Changes

We notify our clients of

tax changes each year to help them prepare for their appointment.

Complimentary Beverage

Enjoy a cold juice, pop, bottled water, or a choice of hot teas or Keurig coffees.

Keep More of Your Money

We ensure you get all your available deductions and credits.  We may also advise how to reduce your income tax.

Tax Refunds

Tax refunds are paid directly from the Canada Revenue Agency, normally within two weeks after E-filing.

Payment Options

For our services we accept payment by debit card, VISA, MasterCard, cheque, or cash.

Free Wi-Fi

or watch TV

Access the Internet or watch TV while you wait.  Parents may bring DVDs for their children of choose one of ours.

Complete Printed Tax Return

We provide in a folder all relevant forms for your tax return so you have complete details for future reference.  A copy in pdf format is available upon request.

Representative Authorization

You may authorize Abbington Tax & Estate Services Inc. to act as your representative with the CRA.  There is no charge to establish this (actually, we highly recommend it).

Open All Year


Most Canada Revenue Agency Post-assessment Reviews occur during summer and autumn.  We can respond on your behalf.


Other Services Available

Abbington Tax & Estate Services Inc. is one business of Abbington Financial Group.