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Education Costs are Increasing.


Start Investing Now


with a


Flexible RESP


which provides


Generous Government Grants

Completing post-secondary education provides a better opportunity for an enjoyable and financially rewarding career leading to a higher level of lifestyle achievement.  Yet the cost of post-secondary education continues to grow.



Avoid Deferred Sales Charges:  We tailor your plan so there will be no deferred sales charges on withdrawals upon your child’s enrolment in a post-secondary program.  There are no other transaction fees.


Your Investment is Yours and Only Yours:  Your RESP is fully owned by you.  Your money is not pooled with other families which could benefit other children more than your own.


Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG):  The basic CESG provides a payment to your RESP equal to 20% of your contributions.  The maximum annual CESG per child is $500 (or $1,000 if you are catching up for past years) until Dec. 31 the year the child is age 17.  To receive CESG during the last two years sufficient contributions must have been made previously.  The lifetime CESG limit is $7,200 per child.


Flexible Contributions:  For each child we suggest contributing $200 per month for 180 months (15 years) to get the maximum CESG.  You may also contribute in lump sums.


Flexible Withdrawals:  Upon you child’s enrolment you choose when and how much to withdraw.  You may withdraw more than the actual education costs.  We suggest withdrawing from the taxable portion first.


Mutual Funds:  Use mutual funds to achieve easy diversification and reasonable investment growth.  Invest in moderate risk mutual funds until your child is 10 years old, then low-moderate risk mutual funds until age 14, and then low risk mutual funds for the last few years before you start withdrawing from the RESP.


No Life Insurance Required:  Life Insurance is not required to be purchased with your RESP.


Family Plans Available:  For more than one child use a Family Plan allowing greater flexibility when withdrawing in case one child attends a college program and another child continues to university post-graduate studies.


Your Back-Up Plan:  If your child does not attend a qualifying post-secondary program, or if there is still money in the RESP after your child does not continue, then you may withdraw the contribution portion and transfer the related growth portion to your RRSP (within your RRSP deduction limit at the time).  The CESG and related growth would go back to the federal government.



Minimum household investment required

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If these costs increase by 4% per year then in 17 years they will be double what they are today!  Even the very hardest working young person earning minimum wage cannot afford these costs.  Many students graduate with high levels of debt, or even worse they leave school with debt but without graduating.  Student debt is a psychological burden, can take many years to pay and will delay purchasing a home.  Failure to pay will damage one’s credit score for years.


The best way for a child to afford post-secondary education is for their parents or grandparents to invest early using a RESP.


An RESP provides tax-sheltered investment growth and generous federal government grants paid to the RESP upon each contribution.  Both contributions and grants grow in value for the benefit of the child beneficiary.


Abbington Investments offers RESP’s that are flexible while you are contributing and also later when you are withdrawing upon the child’s enrolment in a post-secondary program.


Any Type of Post-Secondary Program:  Our RESP is suitable for students enrolled in any program allowed by the federal government whether 1, 2, 3 or 4 years, post-graduate or a foreign school (as long as the child maintains Canadian residence status).


No Initial Sales Charges, Fees, or Commissions:

All of the money contributed to the RESP is invested to grow for your child, and so is the government grant.